The shipping of the items is the responsibility of the seller.


For a smooth shipping process, the buyer's contact information will be forwarded to the seller after the purchase is completed.


The seller is obliged to indicate and comply with consumer-friendly and competitive shipping costs.


In addition to an item shipment, the seller may also specify the option for pickup. In this case, the seller and buyer agree on a day of pickup after the purchase is completed. The exchange of contact details between the seller and the buyer for pickup is done through Originals Only.


It is the responsibility of Originals Only users to provide correct contact information.





The delivery date indicated by the seller, which is displayed in the listings, is based on the time required for packing, shipping (processing time), and the shipping service used by the seller to ship the items.


Further, an indication regarding the current sale & shipping status on the part of the seller including the shipping date and tracking number is mandatory. The buyer is also obligated to maintain the shipping status upon receipt of the purchased item.







As an Originals Only seller, it is important to specify in the sales information whether returns of items are accepted and under what conditions.

In addition, sellers can specify who is responsible for return shipping costs or that returns are only accepted within a certain time period after a sale. Listings must clearly state whether returns are accepted and what return policies apply.


Note: Commercial sellers are required by law to offer a right of withdrawal and accept returns.




When a buyer makes a return request, the response options depend on the reason for the return and your return policy.

Returns must be accepted for incorrect, defective or damaged items.


When creating a listing, add the return policy and indicate if returns are accepted beyond the legal obligations.


Basically, this applies to private and commercial sellers:

If an item arrives defective or damaged to the buyer or if the buyer has received an incorrect item, the buyer has the right to return the item.

Commercial sellers are also obliged to accept returns from private buyers without stating a reason within the statutory 14-day cancellation period.


When a return request is made by the buyer to the seller, the seller will receive an email regarding this.

The seller has three working days to accept it or to offer the buyer another solution. After three business days, the buyer has the option to call Originals Only and ask for help.


This option is available up to a maximum of 21 business days after the request is sent to the seller. If the return is accepted, the seller will wait for the return. Once the seller receives the item back, the seller has two business days to refund the buyer.




When you post an item, it is important to include your return address. If you don't and the buyer requests a return, the item will be returned to your registration address by default.