For Originals Only it is important to create a marketplace that is characterized by integrity and respectful social interaction. Thus, our principles pursue the goal of creating a safe and fair collector portal. It is necessary for sellers to adhere to certain principles and fulfil obligations according to our seller guidelines.


Every OO. Member initially starts with a green OO- Integrity Compass. As soon as one of our guidelines is violated we must take action against the user to uphold our principles (e.g. restriction of sales activities, temporary suspension of the user's account, etc.).

Furthermore, the purchase of an item advertised on Originals Only outside the platform is expressly prohibited and will be sanctioned. To prevent accidental violation of rules, we recommend that you read the Seller Guidelines before selling an item.


1. Truthful information

All customers on Originals Only agree to provide truthful information regarding themselves and the items offered. The item description is the central source of information for the buyer. Accordingly, we ask you to make sure that the item description is as detailed as possible and contains only truthful information.



The information about your item should be clearly worded and understandable for everyone.

Inform your customers exactly about the condition of your item without embellishments. Point out defects and damages. This will help you avoid misunderstandings and dissatisfied buyers.

It is not allowed to provide false information about yourself or the item for sale.


2. Shipping

As a seller you are obliged to ship your goods promptly after the payment of the customer. Furthermore, it is important to inform the customer in detail about shipping costs. Charge only the actual shipping costs including additional services (e.g. insurance when sending an item, confirmation by signature, special packaging, cash on delivery etc.).



We recommend that you offer a shipping provider with whose costs and delivery times you are already familiar.

Charge only the actual amount of shipping costs, i.e. the amount you paid to the shipping company.

Costs for packaging materials and insurance should be communicated, if applicable.

A tracking number should be provided to each buyer. This will also protect you as a seller when a customer claims not to have received the goods. To do this, forward accurate tracking information to the buyer.

Not shipping the item or shipping it extremely late.

Adding a higher amount to the payment than the actual amount of the shipment.

Uploading incorrect data regarding tracking is not allowed.


3. Packing

Packaging is important because it protects the item against damages. As a seller, you should make sure that your goods are packaged accordingly so that the item can be delivered to the customer without any defects.



The use of bubble wrap or similar protective material will prevent the goods from being damaged during shipping. (If you have to incur costs to provide suitable packaging material, this must be included in the shipping costs).


It is not allowed to send items without sufficient packaging.


4. Communication

Detailed and quick communication with your customers has a positive effect on the customer satisfaction and on your rating. You increase your sales chances in the long term through positive reviews. For this reason we ask you to offer your customer an appealing service.



Responding to your customer's questions and concerns as quickly as possible during the period leading up to the actual sale is decisive.

Keep communication courteous and professional.

Provide the buyer with all necessary data (e.g., updated shipping information etc.).

Clarifying issues and concerns of your customer should be done carefully and respectfully.


Sending abusive, discriminatory or disrespectful messages to the customer is not permitted.

Customer and seller agree to complete the transaction outside of the collector marketplace to avoid applicable fees.


In the event of a gross violation of the guidelines the specific facts of the case will be examined by us after an initial clarification between the buyer and seller. The decision whether a party has violated the guidelines will be judged on the basis of evidence. If we are not sure by the given evidence whether it is a violation, we may not take any action against the responsible person. Furthermore, we are not permitted to make the review public, as we adhere to the Privacy Policy.