Originals Only gives you the possibility to auction original collectibles or sell them directly. First of all, you need a user account, in which is verified by Originals Only and where you provide all necessary data.

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As soon as you have created your own user account you can now start and put your first item online for sale or place the item as an auction. To do this, you need to click on the following button:


Below we have briefly summarized the selling process for you:

  • The first step consists of entering the name of the item, a short subtitle and an item description which should be as detailed as possible. Provide more information about your item: Is your article restored? - if yes, complete with a note at which spot your item is restored.
  • Step two consists of the categorization of your item. Select a category in which your item should appear on our marketplace. In addition, you can select up to three different subject areas that fit your item, so that potential buyers can find your item purposefully.
  • Thirdly, it is now necessary to upload images of your object. Please note that regarding the item authentication by our experts at least four images are necessary. Furthermore, the upload of a short video is possible.

Here you find more information about how to put your images in the centre of interest:

  • Next, in the sale settings, you determine whether your object should appear as an „buy-now“ item or as an auction on our marketplace. Click on the sales format “buy-now" to offer your item at a price you set. Or choose the sales format ”auction" to auction your item to the highest bidder. Here you can either choose a starting price or have the item auctioned off from 1 € at attractive sales conditions. You can also make your choices regarding the starting time, the bidding duration and the placement of your item in the Ultimate Collection.
  • Once you have finished your sale setting, a preview of your listed article will be shown. You can always intervene in the previous steps to make changes of your item details.
  • The last step fulfils the confirmation of the sale without obligation and then the item goes to our experts for authentication.

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