In order to put an item in the centre of interest, well-staged images are one of the most important things to have. The better the images, the higher the success in selling or auctioning the item. For this reason, Originals Only gives you valuable photo tips to help you take the perfect pictures. The item ad will then get the attention you want. Let us show you examples for taking the perfect pictures for your item ad. Let's increase the appeal of your ads together

1. Tip – The right exposure

It is recommended to take your pictures in daylight or in a brightly lit room to best capture colours and dimensions of your item.

2. Tip – The right background

The background plays an important role. The more neutral and plain the background, the greater the focus on the item. The potential buyer is therefore not distracted by external influences from the item for sale.

3. Tip – Sharp images

Even the smallest defects can be seen on sharp pictures, which ensures the greatest possible security and satisfaction regarding the purchase. The "autofocus" function which is available on most smartphones and digital cameras prevents blurred images.

4. Tip – Only use own pictures

It is important to use exclusively self-photographed images, otherwise there is a risk of uploading images for which you do not have the image rights. Only through currently taken pictures the potential buyers know that the item is legit.

5. Tip – The right format

The items are displayed in landscape format, for this reason it is important when photographing to select the image section that the entire item is visible or at least the desired section is displayed on the item ad.

If you follow these photo tips your item ad will be attractive for potential buyers. Put your item in focus and help your ad achieving the desired success. Start selling an item now:

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