You have a passion for original collector's items and possess exceptional knowledge about certain subject areas - then apply now and become part of our expert community.

Or do you manage an auction house, run an (online) shop, trade with collectibles and would like to offer them at originalsonly.com or organise a live auction?

Then the following advantages are interesting for you.

Become a partner of Originals Only

As an auction house, shop or trader, you have the security that only verified customers use our platform, who are verified by us in detail and then authorised as buyers. In this way, you minimise the risk of encountering buyers who could default on payment. Furthermore, we offer the possibility to create a shop that is already exclusively visible on our homepage

You can fill it with your individual information, pictures and design it attractively for your potential customers. In the meantime, your goods will be checked for originality by our experts. In this way, we guarantee your buyers the authenticity of the products and thus actively increase your sales chances.

If you would like to offer your goods not only via our marketplace, but also start a live auction - go ahead. Our intelligent software solution based on collector experience gives you the chance to address our online audience directly and encourage them to bid. Your existing customers can also participate in your auction via Originals Only from home or on the go. Your auction will already be announced and advertised in the slider on our homepage.

Become an expert for Originals Only

The job of an expert at Originals Only is to check unique collectibles for authenticity, this can be done from anywhere. You are not bound to a fixed working location. The goods must be authenticated within the following 48 hours. Within this period you can determine when you do the authentication. You will receive a percentage of each sale, but you will also be compensated if the goods are determined to be not original.

So if you have a passion for collectibles and profound experience in the fields of " Old Advertising", "Old Toys" or "Posters", we look forward to hear from you.

In addition, we are open to expand our platform to other subject areas with your help.



If you are interested, please send us an e-mail.

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