With the support of our authentications we want to separate plagiarisms from originals and thus make the market for authentic collectibles safer. The allocation of our Originals Only Badge guarantees the authentication of the respective item.Via an NFC chip included in every badge or by the one-time assigned coding of the badge you and your collector friends or even customers can see our authentication on this platform at any time.

Please note: 

To ensure a smooth Grand Launch, the authentication itself will not be enabled until the end of July.


Silver Authentication

Our Originals Only Silver Badge is an authentication after virtual review by our experts.

(To receive a Silver Badge authentication, the digital authentication process must be fully completed).

In simple steps, you can provide us with all the necessary information for this process. As soon as the item is authenticated, you will receive the expertise including the silver badge by mail.

Price: 29,90 € (incl. VAT)

plus one-time shipping fee 3,90 € (incl. VAT)

Gold Authentication

The Originals Only Gold Badge illustrates our premium authentication after live sighting. During an evaluation by our experts (in the case of a larger volume also possible on-site), an age and condition evaluation are saved on the chip in addition to pictures. A separate expertise in the form of a certificate also shows a price estimate that is in line with the current maximum market price.

Price: 1% of the estimated market value, minimum €49.90 (incl. VAT)


In case of postal submission, please complete the digital registration process here


Please make an appointment with our experts on site. (also possible for single pieces).


For the authentication of an entire collections, we will be pleased to provide you with an individual offer after indicating the number of pieces to be appraised.


Initiation of the authentication process with your submission of the item data.



Evaluation of the object or the item pictures and item data. by our experts



Storing the item in our database, issuance (and shipment) of authentication.



In a world where tangible assets are valued not only by collectors, it becomes necessary to protect them and clearly distinguish them from counterfeits. Originals Only is dedicated to this task with the authentication of all objects traded on the collector marketplace. It is also worthwhile to have your own pieces authenticated.


Insurance Cover

With the authentication of your objects, they are recorded and stored in our database. In case of theft, loss or damage (in case of fire/ natural hazards), all pieces are still accessible and stored in your Originals Only account. In the case of gold authentication, the objects are also given a market price internally and on your printed certificate, which again manifests the value.


Value Enhancement

Examples from other areas of collecting have shown that the value of an object increases significantly once it has been authenticated, as this provides an irrevocable guarantee of originality. Our cooperation with proven experts further supports this point.