For Originals Only it is important to create a marketplace that is characterized by integrity and respectful social interaction. Thus, our principles pursue the goal of creating a safe and fair collector portal. It is necessary for sellers to adhere to certain principles and fulfil obligations according to our seller guidelines.


Every OO. Member initially starts with a green OO- Integrity Compass. As soon as one of our guidelines is violated we must take action against the user to uphold our principles (e.g. restriction of sales activities, temporary suspension of the user's account, etc.).

Furthermore, the purchase of an item advertised on Originals Only outside the platform is expressly prohibited and will be sanctioned. To prevent accidental violation of rules, we recommend that you read the Seller Guidelines before selling an item.


1. Truthful information

All customers on Originals Only agree to provide truthful information regarding themselves and the items offered. The item description is the central source of information for the buyer. Accordingly, we ask you to make sure that the item description is as detailed as possible and contains only truthful information.



Fill out the Originals Only account registration diligently and truthfully.

Updating personal information before making a purchase is recommended

Contact the seller if the item has actually not arrived by the expected delivery date.

Contact the seller if an item significantly differs from the item description.



It is not allowed to provide false information about yourself.

It is not allowed to state that the item has not arrived, although it is proven that it has been received.

Misrepresentation of significant deviations from the item description in order to obtain discounts or return the item free of charge is prohibited.


2. Purchase transaction

The buyer does not have the right to impose conditions on the seller that are not part of the original offer.



The item is purchased according to the terms of the original offer.

Payment is made through one of the offered payment options.

The buyer returns an item according to the seller's return policy.



The buyer requires the seller to put the item on hold so that the item is paid later

A refund is requested without initiating the return of the item.

It is not allowed to request additional items, discounts or services from the buyer that are not part of the original offer.

Buying an item advertised on Originals Only outside the platform is expressly prohibited and will be sanctioned.


3. Payment of the item

The buyer is obligated to pay for the item within 7 business days after the purchase is completed. An item is considered purchased if the buyer is the highest bidder after the auction ends or has purchased an item through the buy-now function. Furthermore, an item is considered purchased when the buyer sends a price proposal to the seller and the seller accepts it, as well as the buyer's acceptance of a counteroffer from the seller.



Payment for the item is arranged within the time limit from the buyer to the seller.

If it is a bank transfer, the buyer marks the item as paid.



The buyer does not pay for the item after the purchase is completed or after 7 business days


4. Abuse of the return of an item

The buyer is prohibited to abuse the possible possibility of returning an item.



Buyer shall respect the return deadlines of commercial sellers.

Commercial sellers will be notified by the buyer prior to return, a tracking number provided if applicable.

The item will be returned to the seller in its original condition.

For purchases from private sellers, the buyer respects European jurisdiction. The item is purchased as seen and can only be returned if it differs significantly from the item description and the item description was therefore actually wrong.



An item other than the original item received is returned to the seller.

The item is damaged by the buyer and then returned.

The buyer returns the item outside the given time limit or does not inform the seller in advance about the return.

The buyer returns the item because it allegedly deviates significantly from the item description, even though the item description was correct.


5. Communication and bidding

The buyer is obliged to treat other Originals Only users with respect and to communicate with them in a friendly manner. Furthermore, the buyer is prohibited from abusing the bidding function.


The buyer has the option to withdraw a bid if the provided conditions are met accordingly.

The message function is used by the buyer to address concerns and questions regarding the item or the seller.

Communication with sellers and other Original Only users is always friendly and respectful.



Email addresses and phone numbers are exchanged via the message function of an ongoing offer.

The buyer is the highest bidder after the auction ends and does not pay for the item.

The buyer tries to force the seller to complete the transaction under circumstances that were no part of the original offer.

Customer and seller agree to complete the transaction outside of the Collector's Marketplace to avoid applicable fees.

Sending abusive, discriminatory or disrespectful messages to sellers or other Originals Only Users is absolutely not allowed.


In the event of a gross violation of the guidelines the specific facts of the case will be examined by us after an initial clarification between the buyer and seller. The decision whether a party has violated the guidelines will be judged on the basis of evidence. If we are not sure by the given evidence whether it is a violation, we may not take any action against the responsible person. Furthermore, we are not permitted to make the review public, as we adhere to the Privacy Policy.